Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus Daily Record.....Week 19 and 20

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus Daily Record.....Week 19 and 20

Hmm week 19 and 20: Sorry about the week off but a lot of things have happened. Went to las Vegas week 19 had a very good time until my car blew up. 300 hundred miles from home, thank God for a great son who had work all day, and after a call from me drove 300 miles with a car hauler to drag my sorry butt home 300 miles. I knew there was a reason for wanting a son hehehe. The only other problem with the Vegas trip was a lack of opportunity to workout and no place to do it. I did walk 2 1/2 miles to a restaurant for breakfast on Sunday mourning. After the car blew up I also walked 3 miles to the casino and waited for my son. So much for week 19.

Now week 20: My Granddaughter got married on Saturday, B-i-g party to follow, and Papa (me) was there. Had a great time and so did the wife. So much for what was happening, now back the the weight loss.

Week 19: Full Food, still drinking my 128 oz of water, and taking my True Essentials nutritional packs. I did manage to get my 6 days of total gym in, but not all of my Gazelle or Spin Bike.

weigh in: 253 the 2 pounds was fluid cause by no cardio this week.

Week 20: Full Food, Still drinking 128 oz of water, and taking my True Essentials nutritional packs.

  1. Total Gym 6-8 minute workout (the routine is for 6 days with one day of rest)
  2. No Spin Bike ( I have a bad left knee and hip that was killing from all the walking last week in Vegas)
  3. Gazelle ( 6 days of the 30 minute workout, much easier on the knee and hip)
  4. Tai Chi ( for flexibility and balance which you need has you get older)
  5. Walking ( you know about the 5 1/2 miles in Vegas plus another 6)
weigh in: 251 I feel at a plateau now, I need to change something or wait for my body to adjust to full food ( aka more salt intake).

Come back next week when I break through the 90 pound mark. I am sorry about the delay in this week post. I only hope you start your own weight loss and workout program this week. It will be the best thing you every do for you.


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