Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Friday, May 18, 2007

Is There a Magical Weight Loss Cure?

First, let us accept it. There is no magical weight loss cure, except the one that is time tested and effective, which is a proper healthy lifestyle with suitable diet and exercise. Instant weight loss programs, magical alternative medicine, low-carbohydrate, low-fat or low-calorie diets, the use of a plethora of tools and appliances that work on the various fatty parts of your body and so on, may all work to a certain extent, for a short term. But they fail to bring about a permanent weight loss. Besides, they may almost always produce avoidable side effects.

Obese people all over the world are searching in vain for a magical formula for a quick weight loss, without effort and without giving up their favorite foods. The weight loss product market is booming. Books giving advice on promising ways to reduce weight are being sold like hot cakes. ‘New’ techniques, methods, strategies, drugs, diets, herbal medicines and so on are aggressively promoted through advertisements in the media. Quite often, they claim the support of scientific research, giving facts and figures to prove their case. Being desperate to get a magical remedy for weight loss, most people empty their purses in the belief that this time it will work. It simply does not work, not for long in any case. So people keep shifting their loyalties from one weight loss product to another new weight loss product, only to discover in the end that their purses are getting leaner while their bodies continue to get fatter and weightier. Even if they lose some weight initially, they see it return with a vengeance, as soon as they stop using that particular weight loss product.

Next to tobacco, obesity and diseases caused by obesity are probably the most common cause of unnatural death. These deaths can however be prevented if obesity has an easy solution. These days, when technological advances have freed man from hard physical labor, no one wants to expend energy to lose weight. Also, at the same time, no one wants sincerely to give up on consuming all those processed foods, alcohol and sugary carbonated drinks and ice creams and other weight-increasing products. Everyone who is overweight wants to lose weight and live long, which is quite natural. But they want an easy solution to their weight problem, something like a magic switch that changes one into zero - that too with a remote operation.

There is only one effective long-term weight loss remedy and that is the tried and tested regular physical exercise coupled with appropriate balanced diet. If you are not accustomed to the recommended regimen, you may have to make suitable lifestyle changes. Depending upon your age and the condition of your physical health, you will have to select the type of physical exercise that is suitable to you. Your weight loss may be rather slow in coming, but what is more important than weight loss perhaps is consuming a diet that gives you all the necessary nutrients and maintaining a fit body for a healthy living.

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Weight Loss Over 40 Plus