Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It is Time We Stop Lying to Ourselves 3

Let us finish today with the dreaded workout program outline.

All workouts should start right out of bed. This gets your body burning fat right away and will continue throughout your day. (This is An Option) Believe or not but a cup of hot coffee or tea help kick starts the whole process. Raising the thermal levels and getting heart rate up quickly. Check with your Doctor before starting any workout program. Be careful and stay safe.

Beginners: Start out slow and easy. Begin with walking every other day. Distance is determined by how much you can do without stressing you body. Once you feel comfortable extend your distance and try to pick up your pace. Stationary Bike, an elliptical style machine is another great workout for beginners, especially ones with back knees or backs.

Intermediates: If you are at this level I would be telling you what you already know. So review we me Ok. Cardiovascular= Fat Burning.

1) Which ones are the best cardiovascular exercises for fat loss?

A) Running, Any type of Aerobic, Stair Stepper, Rowing, and one of the eases on the whole body Swimming.

2) When cardiovascular exercises are most effective.

B) When you do it, just kidding. Your stomach should be empty. Drinking about 16 to 24 oz of water will help prevent dehydration. (This is A Option) Don't forget that one cup of hot coffee or tea. The empty stomach gives that fat burning a jump start.

3) How much is necessary to lose body fat without compromising lean muscle mass gains.

C) About 20 minutes to warm up... 30 minutes with your heart rate at Fat burning zone=220-(Your Age) x (.75) this is your beat per minute. Then cool down slowly.

This is a basic outline of a normal workout that an intermediate level would do. I am sure you could add a lot more exercises.

Expert: You should be teaching us. Enough said. If you are here it must be a slow day for you. :)

If you put your mind to it and follow the meals plan. Then add a workout program you will lose weight. I hope you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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Weight Loss Over 40 Plus