Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Friday, August 17, 2007

Caveman Perfect Weight Loss Program

Just think about it. Back during the caveman days, weight loss was real easy. Let us go through a regular day for a caveman or cavewoman.

  1. Rise and shine: Now you know there is no light in your cave useless you have fire. Without the fire, there is no hot coffee (which has not been discovered yet) so no Starbucks. Darn, it sucks to be a caveman or cavewoman. If you want breakfast, you have to go out and catch it. So you get your early mourning workout with your breakfast. This is the beginning of a perfect weight loss program.
  2. If you did not catch that mourning breakfast, you have to start on lunch and dinner. So now you spend the day So now you spend the day looking for berries, nuts, eatable roots, and wild game. Water was a problem too, unless you have one of them caves with running water. (hehehe) Along with hunting for food and water, you had to be careful that you did not become food for the larger creatures roaming around.
  3. Not becoming food for larger creatures brings us to your second workout for the day. You can burn a lot of calories from trying not to become a happy meal. With you doing the cardio by running, fending off, and being scared will get that heart rate up. Have you ever noticed that you never see a Fat caveman or cavewoman (aka happy meal) portrayed in any movie or museum setting?
  4. The sun is going down, the light is disappearing and the darkness comes again. Maybe you should do something about discovering fire. With the darkness comes sleep. You have to rise early to start that perfect weight loss program all over again and again…

This is just a small part of the caveman’s or cavewoman’s daily routine. The caveman or cavewoman were always moving. They had to for survival. You can burn a lot of calories fighting off rival tribes, who are trying to take your food, water, any tools or weapons, and your women? Staying physically fit was not just for weight loss, but to survive. Isn’t it funny that today’s cavemen and cavewomen need to do the same thing? Today, cavemen and cavewomen are given a lot more to survive. So you do see a lot more happy meals walking around today.

Do not become a Happy Meal

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