Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is Your Weight Loss Over 40 Out Of Control?

Have you tried every weight loss program out there and you are still fat? Do you keep buying every new piece of workout equipment there is and you are still fat? Why are you on the internet looking for another way to lose weight if you are happy with yourself? It doesn’t matter if you are 10 pounds or 110 pounds over you ideal weight. You have to take control of your life.

Look back on all the weight loss programs you have been on. What made them fail? Until you can answer that question, you will never have success with any weight loss program. This is where you have to look deep down inside yourself to find the answer.

* What happened in your life that made you accept being fat?

* What is missing in your life that food replaces?

* Is it in your genes to be fat?

* Is there a virus that makes you fat?

* Lack of control over your eating?

* Little or no regular exercise outside of your daily routine?

* Why do you fail to control your mind and body?

You can make decisions to love someone, have a family. These a important things in most peoples lives. So why is it so hard to choose to live a better and healthier way of life? It was said on the reality show Fat March by someone over 300 pounds, “I will not give up the foods I love”, maybe they answered the question why they are fat. Their love for food is more important than the people in their lives. Everybody should know being that overweight will shorten your life and cause major health problems.

Do you buy the latest and greatest new workout equipment thinking it is your magic bullet to weight loss. After about a month it ends up as a clothes hanger in a closet. Every time you see it you are reminded of your passed failures, so you end up selling it for a lot less than you paid for it. Why does this happen over and over again? Maybe it is a way for you to justify the way you eat?

You can read all the books, listen to all the audio, and watch every video on weight loss. Until you get control over your life, nothing will every change. Why do people finally lose all the weight?

* Because they get tried of dragging their fat ass around every day

* They are sick and tired of being tired and sick all the time

* Something clicks in their mind that there is something better in life for them

* Their love for food is not worth the feeling of waiting for their last breathe

You have heard it a million times “The only thing stopping you is YOU”, How many more times will you hear it before it becomes true?

Do something today for you. Start a weight loss program. Start a workout program. Do anything that is going to lead to a healthier and better quality of life for you. If you fall off, get back on it again. Do not give yourself an excuse to fail. Remember how you learned to ride a bike. Some start out with training wheels. Some start out with someone running alone side the bike balancing for us, and some learn by falling off and getting right back on again… again… and again. Losing weight is not any different. Some will need things to help them Others will need support groups or people to buddy up with, and some will tough it out alone. At the end they will all be riding on their own.

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G Cook
Internet Marketer
Weight Loss Member


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Weight Loss Over 40 Plus