Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Answer To "What Makes Us Fat"

The questions posed in the article I read were...

1. Unhealthy eating combined with sustained lack of activity usually causes obesity.

Answer: This lifestyle will always cause you to be overweight or very fat. Any eating without thinking is not good for your overall health. Many of us were never taught how to eat healthy. Most families have both parents working outside the home, so most meals are fast foods or pre-package. Neither is created with your health or weight problems in mind.

Lack of activity: Today's world is design around the Television and the home computer. Two of the most physical inactivity tools every invented. Our minds might be over developed but our bodies are within away. People using both of these inventions never have to leave their homes, talk about lack of activity.

2. Bad eating habits are the top reason why people become obese. With neither the time, nor the inclination to control one’s meals.

Answer: No brainier here, like the answer above eating without thinking is never a good thing for your weight problems. To say you do not have the time or will to eat health is just plain lazy.
If you cared about what you eat and how it affects you body. You would use the home computer to create a meal plan that would fit your lifestyle. It takes no more time to eat the right meals as it does to eat to unhealthy ones.

3. Many people try diets in order to lose a few pounds. But the fact is, most of them return to their old lifestyle and eating habits easily, which almost always means the lost weight would be regained rapidly.

Answer: It is called discipline and the will to change your life. It is true most people use the “Elevator Diet Plan", this is where they lose a few pounds, then thinking they have things under control slowly go back to their old eating habits. This is the worst kind of diet to be on, you would be better off to never diet. When you starve the body of food then begins to eat all those calories again. The body starts storing those calories into body fat not knowing the next time it will be fed. So you become a lot fatter through your dieting efforts.

4. I would say keep a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to keep you fit. Don’t eat foods with high calories too often, do enough sport exercises regularly and better on a daily basis.

Answer: A respectful DAAAAA!!!! This is the bases of all weight loss programs. Think about what you are eating and how it affects you body's weight. Know that you are eating something that tastes good but is bad for you, the trade off is a lot more exercise. If you stumble on your healthy way of eating do not quit. Just pick up where you stumble and do something to make up for it. Like EXERCISE.

The article had some good ideas but left a lot of unanswered questions. The one idea in the article was to take a pill to lose weight. This is always a temporary fix and you really do not know the side effects it will have on your body. A natural way is the better way to lose weight permanently and keep it off forever.

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Weight Loss Over 40 Plus