Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How To Increase Your Muscle Strength Fast

As with anything else, most people wants to achieve success fast and they usually are on the lookout for successful shortcuts to reach their goals. This is also true for increasing muscle strength. It is important to realize that strength and muscle size are interchangeable and the only method to get bigger is to get stronger.

Basically it is impossible to be strong and have small muscles. Moreover, a muscle does not have to be directly stimulated in order for it to become bigger and stronger. This explains why compound exercises such as bench presses can indirectly stimulate triceps, shoulders and even back. This is also the reason why you should concentrate on big compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulldowns and rows.

If the body is trained and rested properly, it is quite capable of making progress every week. A boost in recuperation ability allows the strength to increase every workout. Hence it means that you should vary your exercise regimen if you want to make outstanding gains in size and strength. Ironically, expensive drugs or supplements are usually not required to increase muscle strength fast.

Even when your muscles are getting larger, the ultimate goal is to increase strength and power. To achieve this goal, you should focus on 3 areas:
  1. Increase your weights for stability.
  2. Train each muscle group once every seven to ten days.
  3. Perform multiple sets of each exercise (two to five sets per exercise) for agility.Theses concepts are general, of course. You need to adapt them for your own personal goals and experience. Specifically, if you are an experienced individual then training every ten days is not enough. We need to make the training more challenging. To build lean muscle mass, you will have to progressively lift more weights over time. This process forces the muscles to grow in order to adjust to the excessive weightlifting. With the support of proper nutrition, the body will become stronger. And the stronger the body is, the more lean muscles are developed.

Here are six suggested exercises that you can consider using to build muscle fast. These are to be completed in two cycles with two minute rest periods in between. For two weeks, each cycle is done two times. This method should start getting you in shape and so that you are ready for a third cycle. Remember having rest time as well as making the correct weight choice to meet ones abilities are important factors.

  1. The first exercise is the bent-leg knee raises. This exercise is done twelve times per set. It is accomplished by lying flat on the back and raising the knees towards the rib cages.
  2. The next exercise is the V-Up. This is done by lying on the side of the body in a straight line with arms folded across chest. Lift the legs off the floor toward the top elbow while elevating it towards the hip. Ten of these need to be completed per side.
  3. The Bridge is done in the push-up position with the elbows straight. It is important to keep the body straight, the stomach in and butt down. Start with twenty seconds and work up to sixty seconds sets if able.
  4. The next exercise is leg extensions. Ten of these are done by sitting on a leg extension machine.
  5. A tricep pushdown machine is used to complete ten reps of tricep pulldowns.
  6. Lastly, do ten reps of bicep curls with either a dumbbell or a barbell.

Remember there is no secret key to increasing your muscle strength fast, you just need to get up and work on your muscles consistently.


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