Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Sunday, August 5, 2007

What Makes Us Fat

Anyone who wants to resolve any problem, he has to know the cause of problem above all. It is the same by losing weight. We have to know why we are growing fat first, then, we can suit the remedy to the case.

Unhealthy eating combined with sustained lack of activity usually causes obesity. You take more calories than you burn everyday, your body then puts on fat. This is the common sense behind obesity. Further more, according to genetics, obesity could also be inherited from family members. If your family has a history of weight problems, then you should watch your weight very carefully.

However, bad eating habits are the top reason why people become obese. With neither the time, nor the inclination to control one’s meals, there’s no wonder people get fat all over the world. People are always busy, but this is not the excuse that we have to eat junk food all the time. Fast foods may look good, but they contain too high fat for your body. Thing is, a single burger is worth a whole meal, but your body does not judge the situation this way. Your stomach will never be filled by a regular burger, so it will keep asking for more, despite the fact that your body does not need more burgers.

Many people try diets in order to lose a few pounds. But the fact is, most of them return to their old lifestyle and eating habits easily, which almost always means the lost weight would be regained rapidly. Moreover, the body will get used to these diets after long time diet taking, and after that it will be much harder for you to lose weight. Strictly taking diets means you have to refuse a lot of delicious foods, which will make these foods much more attractive than usual. The result is, most of the diets takers give up easily.

At the end of this article, I would say, keep a healty lifestyle is the most effective way to keep you fit. Don’t eat foods with high calories too often, do enough sport exercises regularly and better on a daily basis. If you already have weight problems, then you’d better try some products like Proactol fat binder, which won’t ask you to eat diets strictly. I’ve already seen too many people tried diets and gave up. Results are they regained more fat than before.

By: Michael Deng

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