Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic by Colin H Bird

Launch of Global War Against:

"The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic"

Sometime International Businessman, Diplomat, Consultant and Author Declares a 'Global War' against "The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic" that is presently sweeping the industrialised world and sentencing millions of innocent victims to 25 or more avoidable conditions and diseases and premature death.

The Author penned the phrase "The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic" based on the seemingly endless growth in the numbers and the percentages of the population in the industrialised world who are overweight and obese (more weight still). In areas of Europe, The United Kingdom and North America 25% are overweight and 15% are obese - that's 40% or four out of ten people; many other areas of the Western World in particular are becoming victims. There is an ever growing body of evidence that we see all around us; overloaded dental practises, doctors surgeries, long waiting lists in hospitals with increasingly questionable quality and quantity of delivery of the services, or increasing policies of avoidance and non-delivery for a whole lot of conditions and diseases - any excuse will do!

Overweight people spend years and thousands going from one diet or slimming or exercise regime to another and in 95% of cases have limited results for a limited time and in the case of rapid weight loss programmes can do themselves damage - in most cases they lose weight and then put it back on - plus some.

The Reason for the launch of 'The Global War' on "The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic" is because the number of people globally now affected by overweight has reached levels unprecedented in recorded history. Furthermore, overweight is only the outward sign of the likelihood of becoming the victim of one or more of the 25 or more conditions and diseases that are associated with overweight and being affected by years of problems, avoidable medical procedures, time off work, loss of career and premature death by as much as +- 20 years in the worst cases.

The 'Global War' on "The Great Overweight and Obesity Pandemic" is being launched, implemented and led by Colin Bird who has created "The Get Slim Be Healthy", 3-In-1 Weight Loss System that will strike at the elimination of 1. Overweight and Obesity. 2. The avoidance of 25 or more associated diseases. 3. Premature deaths that are affecting more and more people and increasingly younger and younger age groups.

Eliminate the causes of overweight and you will achieve the weight that suits you and maintain it. This alternative also takes care of the associated problems referred to above.Colin H Bird, Author, "Get Slim Be Healthy", the 3-In-1 System. © 2006 All Rights Reserved. For more Free information go to www.stayslimbehealthy.org/sho

About the Author

The author does not claim to be a doctor or any other health specialist - simply a guy whose family member was struck down out-of-the blue without warning whilst out for a walk one quite Sunday Afternoon ... And who himself, later on in life experienced weight problems like millions of others then and now. And who was forced by necessity to seek answers.

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