Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weight Loss Over 40 Is Your Community

Community is where people come together to share, help, and even learn. You are here to find successful ways to defeat a weight loss problem. The majority of you are battling the hardest part, the mental side of weight loss. When the the term diet comes to your brain, it starts doing mind gymnastics. You know the ones. See if these sound familiar.

1. I will start this weight loss program and when I start losing the pounds, I can have a few of my favorite foods. ( that causes you to be overweight)

2. I am doing so well that I can treat myself with this very fattening food.

3. This bucket of fried chicken will not hurt my weight loss, because I will drink this diet soda.

4. The trade offs…I will eat this piece of chocolate cake and workout 20 minutes more or skip a meal.

5. I will eat this empty high calorie food today and start my weight loss over again tomorrow…tomorrow….( get the idea)

Then your mind tells you this weight loss program does not work. You have not lost a pound. So why bother. Just eat what you like. Life is to short to put yourself through this Just enjoyed what life you have left. So you go back to your old bad eating habits. Now your body punishes you for going on that weight loss program by adding a few more pounds than you had before you started. The sorry part is that mind knows what you are doing is bad for you.

This is where that community comes in as a friend or good neighbor. It can help teach that mind what it is doing is hurting you. That same community can give support throughout your whole weight loss program. People like Heidi (lost a 100 pounds) are great role models that there is a goal to reach. If you ask her, I think she would say, She was sick and tired of being tired and sick.

There is no better feeling than to help people with there dreams and reaching their goals. Giving to others only makes your life richer.

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G Cook
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