Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Saturday, July 21, 2007

5 Big Reasons To Start Losing Weight NOW by Arnel Ricafranca

5 Big Reasons Why You Need to Start Losing Weight Now

Obesity has become the leading cause of death after smoking. It is now being seen in children of all ages. Obesity and being overweight are two different things with different meanings.

For the most part, being overweight means that you carry excess body mass. This includes all the body tissues. Obesity on the other hand refers explicitly to excess body fat. You can even be "overweight" if you have excess muscle. That's all overweight means; you are over your body's recommended amount of weight.

Obesity is more concerning. If you are obese, losing weight is no longer an issue you can afford to procrastinate, you need to start NOW. Here are some reasons why.

Reason #1 Diabetes - It is a well known fact that 80 -90% of type-two-diabetes patients are overweight. Diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., It is also the the leading cause of adult blindness. One of the direct causes of obesity is eating the wrong foods. Diabetics should stay away from foods with high glycemic levles. These are foods thats are energy dense and quickly increase the your body's level of blood glucose. This causes your body to reserve the unnecessarily high glucose/energy into unwanted fat. This makes losing weight very difficult for these people.

Reason #2 Stroke - Arteriosclerosis can come from obesity which is the build up of fatty deposits in the body's arteries. This makes them narrow which slows the blood flow then resulting in the risk of blood clotting. Certain arteries are more at risk. These include the ones supplying blood to the brain. If clotting happens due to a narrowed artery, blood supply to an area of the brain becomes blocked resulting in a stroke.

Reason #3 Respiratory Problems - Obesity causes your chest wall to become heavier to lift in the process of breathing in, because of your smaller lungs due to obesity. Sleep apnea is a very common respiratory problem. This is a condition that causes an individual to stop breathing for some time while they are asleep. The soft tissue in the throat collapses due to weight surrounding the airway.

Reason #4 High Blood Pressure - Your age combined with a high BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates a risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. At least one third of hypertension sufferers are related to obesity.

Reason #5 Other Diseases - Realize that there are other diseases which may result in being overweight and or obese. Some ones to watch out for are Lower back pains, Gout, Coronary heart disease, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gall stones, Pregnancy disorders such as, Neural tube defect, Prenatal mortality, Maternal hypertension, Gestational diabetes, lower immune system, Liver disease, Pancreatitis, Bad body odor and Depression

Arnel Ricafranca is a six pack abs expert, fitness boot camp coach, author, and a motivational speaker. He has authored and co-authored several books including The Ultimate Weight Loss Success Strategies For Busy Men and Women Over 40 available online at www.elitefitnessexperts.com. Mr. Ricafranca has been featured as the fitness expert on numerous media such as Jersey 101.5 FM, and Morris Health and Life Magazine, and numerous websites such as NBC WALB 10 News, NBC KPLC 7 News, and KTRE ABC 9 news. Mr. Ricafranca can be reached via email at fitnessvip@gmail.com

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Arnel Ricafranca is founder of http://www.iwantsixpackabs.com http://www.mensworkoutguide.com http://www.womensworkoutguide.com

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