Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Monday, July 9, 2007

For Weight Loss Over 40 Every Body In The Pool

For weight loss over 40 every body in the pool. Now that weather is heating up swimming pool workouts are great. Not only do you stay cool, you can get a very good cardio workout, and a resistant body workout too. The water provides resistants and buoyancy the best workout conditions. Resistants makes your body work hard which gives a faster results in a shorter time. Buoyancy take the weight of your legs, knees, and back to make exercising less stressful on your body.

Here is a list of exercises

  1. jogging around the pool
  2. leg lifts
  3. step ups using a set of plastic steps or if you have build in steps to the pool
  4. jumping jacks
  5. holding the side of the pool an treading water
  6. scissor steps (one leg in front the other in back switch legs while stand in place) like stiff leg jogging
  7. all forms of stretching (Waist bends side to side, front to back) (hands on the hip and twist slowly side to side) all of these a great for your core. aka waist.
  8. Balancing on one leg at a time
  9. using a paddle board to swim around the pool
  10. If you can swim do laps. This is the best overall body workout in the world. Have you every seen a Fat swimmer in the Olympic
  11. Once in the pool you can come up with your own workout routine. Give it a Try.
I find using a pool adds more fun and a lot less stress on my body when working out. I get a better workout in less time the plus factor is I say cool doing it.

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