Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weight Loss Over 40 - Why Do We Kill Ourselves With Food

Weight loss over 40, Question - Why do we kill ourselves with food?

  • Some say it is because all the good memories from our childhood center on food?
  • Do we use food as a security blanket?
  • Is food in your mind the only thing that has never disappointed or let you down?
  • Do you substitute food for love or people in your life?
  • Are you thinking about food when you are eating food?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or angry when somebody else eats your food?
  • Does it matter to you what food is doing to your body?
How you answer these questions say a lot about how you look at food and the affects of it on your body. If you do not make an effort to read labels or have the knowledge of how food will change your body, then you need to check your priorities in your life and what quality you are willing to live with or without. The world you live in is a small and dark place because of your relationship with food. Do something to change that. Find the answers to these questions. Then walk into a world filled with light and so many opportunities. Sounds like sermon but these are the fact of life so you continue to have one.

We all have addictions of one thing or another, some will be harmful to other are just dumb. If you are having a hard time doing daily actives because of your health and weight. You need to turn that around before it causes permanent damage to your well being. It is up to you no one else can make these life changing decisions. Remember talking about Marc from Big Medicine this could be your tipping point. Marc is a man that reach a weight of over 700 pounds, maybe if some one would said take a look at yourself early in his weight gain his life might have been total different.

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