Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Friday, July 20, 2007

"Mind" It by Kent Makro

The human mind never rests. It always has to keep thinking in order to survive. A sound mind is the most important aspect of life. If the mind ceases to function, life comes to a standstill. Even though the fad nowadays is all about keeping the body fit as a fiddle, mental health must also be given its priority for a happy life.


- Never allowing stress to prey on the mind. This is the first and foremost initiative to be taken as far as the mind is concerned. Tension at workplace must never be carried back home. These are some ways to de-stress the mind:

* Meditating: By learning techniques of Yoga, Tai Chi. * Listening to music: The best way to soothe the mind. * Pursuing Hobbies: Revive all those fun activities given up long back.

- Getting enough sleep. It's a fact that lack of sleep kills a person faster than lack of food. An average adult must have at least eight long hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will burden the mind and affect the thought process.

- Crying out the heart. Bottled up emotions do no good. Not crying out doesn't mean one is very strong willed. Problems should be discussed with loved ones and friends and the needful must be done at the earliest. Such bottled up emotions often lead to suicidal intensions and they must be mitigated soon before it's too late. Family members must be the pillars of support during such crises and always lend a shoulder to cry upon.

- The mind grows along with the body. As a child grows its mental thinking changes. It becomes more inquisitive and adventurous. The mind of the child has thousands of questions and parents and teachers are obliged to answer them with proper care. This contributes the maximum to the mental make up of the child. Adolescents are usually rebellious, and its nature that they be so. They should never be intimidated, rather must be treated with soft, firm words. Common mental problems that some children face are dyslexia, fear and anxiety. These have to be traced at the earliest and must be treated with proper care.

- Exercising the mind. Along with the exercises that are done to tone the body, the mind must also be kept active by exercises. Indulging in mind games such as crosswords, puzzles etc, improves our thinking and also keeps the mind free of ill thoughts.


The society always stigmatizes mental illnesses. However, what is often forgotten is that the mind is also liable to "fall sick". Loneliness, depression, insomnia, neurosis are some of the most common complaints that people come up with. If some mental problem is suspected, it's always better to head to a Psychiatrist and seek the necessary treatments. But, people fail to do this due to the fear of being ostracized by the society.

Initial counseling and pep talking, can improve the situation to a certain extent. Often, the family members are educated, about the way in which they must approach the patient and how he or she has to be treated. A change in the environment can also bring about a great change in the mental status of the patient. With steady progress, the person can be brought back to normal condition, after which he or she can lead a normal life.

To conclude, the mind has its own dimensions and is prone to many changes. The health of the body and that of the mind go hand in hand, as they complement each other. Mental health should never be taken for granted and should be given due importance.

Hoping that this would have been a food for your...thought.

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