Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Fear Of Weight Loss

The fear of weight loss is real. Unable to use being Fat to excuse everything you do is Real FEAR . What excuse would they use not to playing with their kids, going out dancing, take a nice walk around the block with a loved one, or playing their favorite sport. Losing that weight would take away that security blank they use. Fear is said to be of the unknown, Wrong in weight loss it is the fear of knowing your world is going to change.

If fear does not play a be part in weight loss, why do we make up so many excuses why we fail. Ask yourself every time you start losing weight you look for an ways to sabotage it. I am starting to lose weight maybe I eat this fatty food, or there is no need to workout today because I have done it for a week straight. Sound familiar, we humans always give ourselves a way out.

How to beat the Fear. Just do it without excuses and take the bad results of losing all that weight. You will feel bad you are not fat any more but life will go on. The days following that weight loss will be tough. Shopping for a new wardrobe, moving around without sucking in all the air around you. Look down an say HELL-O feet. Stay strong after weight loss do not let the post weight loss syndrome get you down. 8=). Maybe you can use that make up syndrome as your new excuse.

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