Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Monday, July 2, 2007

Weight Loss Weight Gain Diet

Weight Loss Weight Gain Diet is where you loose 20 pounds and gain 25. Most of us know about that one. We started losing, then we start justifying cheating. I'll eat this candy and burn it off by workout 20 minutes more. After a while the gains out weigh our loss, sound familiar.

We all fail, so why give up? You are not starting over you are continuing the fight against Fat. Remember Fat is not your friend it is trying to shorten your life. So get your mind right, stop thinking about that candy. Pick up a piece of fruit, stalk of celery, carrot stick, or a slice of tomato. They satisfy you need to feed, but does not hurt your weight loss program.

Please do not make up excuses not to exercise. Along with controlling your calories, the workout burns off that evil Fat. If you commit to an every other day workout routine, you will lose weight. Change it up, walk one day, ride a bike the 3rd day, resistant training the 5th day, and yoga or stretching the 7th day. The muscle will always be exercised and never reach a plateau. If you have to miss a day just start the next day like you never missed one. Do not set yourself up for failure, which is not an option any more.

Sometimes we need a little help so do not be afraid to get help. It could be a new workout program, diet plan, new way of thinking about you from head to toe, or a support group. What ever it takes for you to start believing in a new you.

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