Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Weight Loss Over 40 Plus

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cleansing and Detoxing the body. by Ivan Hince

Cleansing and Detoxing seems the in thing to do. All over the Western world people are booking into clinics to have their insides cleaned out, and to be fed carrot juice for a week at astonishingly high prices.

Also there are many adverts trying to sell you d.i.y home kits where once again you pay high prices, and I'm sure in a lot of cases most people are being ripped off.

Everything seem to start a few years ago when Drug users were encouraged to come off their use of drugs. Doctors would then use alternative drugs to kick them of their habit. From that day it seems as thou everyone is jumping on the band wagon although it's fair to say that not all are out to rip you off.

Medically it has been proven that to Cleanse, and Detox you body can be a good thing, and can help with conditions like acne, allergies, colitis, and Crohn's disease. By using the these methods it does allow the body to almost kick start itself to once more to regain it's proper balance.

Body Cleansing has been utilized for centuries by various world cultures as a form of spiritual purification. Even the ancient Egyptians used cleansing rituals to rid the body of toxic waste believed to cause disease. Traditionally, these cleanses involved periods of fasting, consuming specific foods and herbs and enemas. It is also believed that In the 19th century, cleansing proponents described the large intestine as a sewage system, claiming that stagnation caused toxins to be absorbed by the body. Laxatives, purges, and enemas were routinely recommended to prevent the accumulation of waste which could lead to this "autointoxication".

In cultures where fasts and cleansing are the norm, there are fewer incidence of obesity and various 'western' diseases. Modern cleansing owes its roots to German-born physician, Max Gerson, who developed a cancer treatment in the 1920s based on bowel cleansing and dietary changes. Dr. Gerson brought his treatment to the United States in 1938, where he practiced until his death in 1959.

Over the years their has been many different forms of Cleansing and Detoxing. I'm sure you have heard of Colonic irrigation where the intestine, and colon are washed out. Then their are specialized things like Liver or Kidney Detoxing. Each has it's specialized treatment.

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